Online Learning and Consensus Building

Don't let your technology hold you hostage.

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  • We Map it out

    course framework

    With our vast array of varied templates, we make course-building speedy and easy. We use Lucidchart to map it all out, providing both a big picture view and the ability to move pieces around as needed. Together, we will build a custom solution that fits your needs, timeline, and budget. If we build it, they will lyrn!

  • Decision Trees

    branching courses

    It is easy to guess your way through a multiple-choice question. That’s why we use decision trees and track user paths with Google Analytics to measure learner decisions and drill down on complex ideas to measure learning, identify areas that need improvement, and find consensus points. Branching also helps learners find what they need, when they need it–just in time.

  • Find common ground

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    If you ask a simplistic question about a complex issue, you will always polarize a group. If you provide individuals the opportunity to discover the gray area, you will always be able to identify consensus points and help them “meet in the middle” to collaborate on sound decisions and successful solutions. The Lyrnd methodology finds those consensus points and helps people build on them.

  • Social Network

    branching courses

    Mentor Status can be assigned to successful learners using custom variables in Adobe Captivate. We can store those variables and then use them to assign different user groups to members of your own community in popular social network tools. Wordpress and Joomla offer effective and affordable private social network tools. Build your mentoring community and help cascade knowledge throughout your company!

  • Podcast

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    We can create a custom interface around Vimeo, YouTube, or embedded videos. And a custom audio player that allows learners to listen while commuting or relaxing. And graphical text that draws the eye and engages the brain. Let your learners choose the method that resonates with them and makes your training stick!

  • Formative Assessment

    branching courses

    Why make your learners click through material they already know? Let them test out of modules or parts of modules they know backward and forward and instead focus on the content they need to learn and practice.

  • Wireframes in Google Slides

    branching courses

    Desktop, tablet, and mobile delivery means your content first must fit on a smartphone. We have the templates you need to help ensure your content displays properly and engagingly on all devices. Plus, pages can be edited individually in HTML and multiple people can update content.

  • Free Download

    Download our Hosting Guide

    Learning management systems (LMS) have lots of plusses, but they require you to play by their rules. What many people don’t know is that you can host your courses yourself, just like a Website. If you want to track your learners by username, you can create a login system. If you want to charge for courses, you can set up a payment system, too. We can help you with that; we also can host courses for you. The choice is entirely yours.

  • Brian Rembrandt

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    The Lyrnd team collectively has 50+ years of experience in instructional, graphic, and Web design; learner experience creation; online learning, video production; animation; Google Analytics; and project management. We are passionate about making learning as easy and engaging as shopping online. Just Click2Lyrn!

We Listen

The first question we ask is this:  What type of reporting do you need?  We then work backward.  

Learning Paths

Understanding learning objectives is good, but understanding all potential learning pathways is better.

Making Complexity Simple

We break complex issues into understandable chunks of information.  Then we set the participants free.


It has to feel effortless.  If you can shop online you can learn online.

Award Winning Visuals

Custom look and feel to reinforce your message, brand and mission.

On time, Every Time

30 years in business means exceptional project management.  Everything scales to fit your timeline.

Consensus Points

We find consensus points. Measuring important clicks allows us to understand where polarized groups agree on things.

All Heart

We care about data, but we care about our clients and end users even more.  

Every project is a new challenge to produce something unique.

We understand rapid development, but we prefer thoughtful development.